Internship at SH sporthorses

SH sporthorses is a Aequor learning company

Educational internship with plenty to learn

For students who are looking for a qualified internship SH Sporthorses offers internships.

Under the guidance the student will get all the ins-and-outs of the horse world. When the student has mastered the tasks he / she may also work independent. Beforehand we discuss the learning objectives to be so at the end of the internship they will have learned a lot.

SH Sport Horses is a Aequor Accredited Training Company. We recently received students from Norwin College, Anna Maria van Schurman and Deurne.

We offer a varied program which among other includes:

- Brushing the horses
- Saddle
- Lunging
- The outside and inside of the horses and ponies
- Washing tail and legs
- Learn opscheren of horses
- Treating the hooves
- Carry (pellets, hay and silage)
- Mucking stalls and grooming
- sweep

- Cleaning and oiling of harnachement
- Provide assistance in teaching
- Be familiarized with obstacles and distances
- Coping with young horses
- Join / help on competition
- Walk along during SGW classes
- Entry and exit of the horses *
- Riding horses *

* Depends on the student's level